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April 4, 2023, 11:24 PM



Damn it's warm. 67 degrees and the humid must be high as my glasses are fogging up. Not as hot as two summers ago when I camped outside Bend in a National Forest. I swear it was above 90 degrees all night two nights in a row. I was too cheap to get a hotel room there just like here tonight -- although the rooms in Bend were over $400 per night and here it's $160. $160 -- that's food for 10 days!

Bend. Great place. Was it called a Heat Dome? Floating on the Deuschutes was a blast. But take your AMEX; Bend is expensive. Great people. Very outdoorsy -- rooftop carriers for kayaks and bikes on many cars. Golf course was closed because it was too hot.

Why don't we teach kids about our inner voices? I've got an entire cocktail party in my mind tonight. Damn. I remember talking about inner voices and monkey mind with the First Tee kids. Two of the most awesome kids Josh and Quinn said they didn't have doubting inner voices. And I bet they didn't. Awesomely well adjusted kids.

Wild. Damn. Why did she have to mix in relationships? Oh, because anybody who is going to walk 1,000 miles or drive 85,000 miles to visit 67 Paris' has relationship baggage they are dealing with. Damn.

How do I write about the answrs to questions that bothered me so? Can I be that vunersble? Can I write well enough?

Looking through my photos to figure out when I was in each Paris was fun. In many ways I think I captured some standard shots but in my own little way, I also captured some fun shots. I still laugh about the brick wall of a building that had a "stairway to Heaven" painted on it.

I've had thoughts recently that maybe I retired too early. But then I talk to myself about how much I have learned and experienced on my wanderabout. I'm not sure priceless is the right word but the reality is my job was destroying me. Soulless. I'm never going to achieve some material goals I had but that's ok because I'm richer in ways I never dreamed about. I've learned so much I can't even remember that Powell drew his imaginary line at the 100th Meridian to divide the US between the wet East and the dry West. (I had to look that up to remind myself which meridian it was.)

Still pretty damn hot. Moon is full or close to it. 11:47 PM.

Time to try again to fall asleep. Tim, thanks again for building my rack!

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