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Archie Bell & The Drells

La Grange, Texas

December 14, 2019

Recently I wondered what the heck a " drell" is. You can choose to believe this story or not.

A "drell" is a made-up word. Archie Bell wanted the name of the band to Archie Bell and the Dells. Unfortunately, there was already a group known as the Dells. You know, the Dells:

So, being a resourceful man, Archie made up the word "drell." And the rest is dancing history.

Where am I going with this. Yesterday I drove to South Texas and fortunately was running late to get to my campground at Purtis Lake State Park before dark. As a result I caught another sunset. Well, not just another sunset. Like everything in Texas, this was BIG! Not only in terms of how much of the horizon it filled, but also for how long it lasted. I initially pulled over on the side of the road and as luck would have it, had a good quality lens on my camera. I snapped some photos with the oil derricks in the foreground. I hopped back in my truck and started to drive and I realized the sunset was still going on - so I took some photos with my phone. After I turned off that road, the sunset was STILL going on - so I pulled over again. That's when I took most of the photos in this slideshow.

Back to Archie Bell. I am about 100 miles from Houston; I am not sure I am going to make it to the city. Sorry, Anna! But in honor of being that close to "Houston, Texas," the soundtrack for the slideshow are two Archie Bell & The Drells' songs that folks have shagged to for many years.

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