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August 19, 2021

Paris, Missouri

August 20, 2021

Headed south this morning. First I went into Dubuque to say I had. Wonderful old buildings -- and the Mississippi is a bigger river than I thought it would be this far north. Again, I am geographically challenged.

I thought it was neat to see a Bull Durham sign the day after visiting Field of Dreams. So neat that I took several photos of the sign!

Headed south on US 61. Imagine my surprise to drive through cornfields. I don't know why in Iowa many of the fields have empty spaces between the fields.

A not green John Deere tractor.

I came across a small town named Lost Nation. I asked the librarian and the postmaster about the name and they had no idea. So I went to the town's website and found this explanation:

Much has been said and written about the origin of the town’s name, Lost Nation. There are various and conflicting legends but the one of the tribe of Indians appeals to many. A tribe of Indians pitched their camp where the town site now stands because of the natural advantages: deer, bear and wild turkey abounded in the woods to the north; buffalo, antelope and prairie grouse on the south; with only a short march to the Wapsie where fish were plentiful and in the center of a rich country, the tribe prospered. It became rich in ponies, pelts and population. This prosperity awakened envy and jealousy. Many tribes coveted their hunting ground and several tried to take it by force.

The chief, a crafty leader, when in danger of attack would retire his band to the inaccessible cliffs around Bear Creek where he and his warriors kept in hiding until the invaders could be safely surrounded and as surely defeated.

This strategy succeeded a number of times. They were left in peace and the tribe became known as the “Boss Nation, ” but by the Indian name. When the first settlers arrived, a friendly Indian told this story of the tribe, which had migrated west. The name “Boss Nation,” in the retelling of the story because of the disappearance of the tribe, became Lost Nation and the name still lives to this day.

(Reprinted from an April, 1927, newspaper article)

Then I was back into cornfields, Toronto, Iowa and Iowa 80 -- the world's largest truck stop. It was large.

Jefferson Street in Toronto.

Next I went to Sweden -- or a town named for it in Iowa.

Back to Missouri after many months!

How cool it that?

Detoured to Montisello when I saw a sign indicating it was 10 miles away.

There wasn't much to Shelbyville but it did have some neat buildings.

Finally after a long day of driving I reached my goal. Lordy, I was tired. Glad to reach Paris #20.

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