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August 24, 2021 — A Return To Paris

Huntington, West Virginia

August 24, 2021

Four states today. I ducked into Louisville this morning in search of some WL Weller bourbon. I learned that Weller has joined Pappy as a bourbon you don’t buy off the shelf. If you are not in the store when they open the cartons, you are not getting a bottle.

Lesson learned.

Louisville was a bit if a rude awakening for me after all the rural driving I have done recently. Too many cars going too fast with too many lanes and too many exits.

I was glad to get on US 60/460 toward Paris. That route took me into Frankfurt which impressed me as a pretty city. Lots of beautiful old houses. Obviously I have a weakness for those.

Im not sure what motivated me to go back to Paris, Kentucky. I’m glad I did because returning there reminded me of all I have experienced and learned in the past two years. It’s a bit overwhelming. Hopefully I’ll have time to write down my thoughts and feelings soon.

Newsflash - Paris has a new Eiffel Tower which is bigger snd nicer than the old one (which is still where it was).

I took the opportunity to stop into the post office and get several items stamped with the Paris postmark.

I began the day thinking I would drive to Paris, Pennsylvania before returning to Charlottesville. Then I changed my mind and will save that for when I return to the road. I ended up in Huntington to put myself in position to drive to Wahoo, West Virginia tomorrow.

I was proud I fought the urge to eat at White Castle. When I saw the poster of the breakfast sandwich, I decided to go get a salad instead.

Other photos from the drive today:

The Hal Greer Street sign is from Huntington, West Virginia. If my memory is right, he played for the 76ers; I would listen to their games on my sister‘s transistor radio — WCAU from Philly.

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