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April 27, 2021

I have walked by this store a few hundred times and never thought about it. I was sitting on the mall yesterday afternoon enjoying a beautiful day and took this photo. I realized I had no idea what was inside the store. I guess I could have gotten up and walked into the store, but it was too nice a day. 🤪. So I Googled the name and found this description on their website:

Oyster House Antiques imports and sells traditional antique Chinese furniture, hand picked by the owner and staff during buying trips to mainland China. The furniture is carefully restored and repaired by our own crew of experts in China, using methods that have been maintained and refined for nearly 4000 years.

Because we buy in volume directly from the source we are able to offer fair prices to the public and to supply consistent quality and fine finishes.

Wow. How does a business like that survive in Charlottesville? I don’t recall ever seeing anyone go into the store. Now I am curious.

And I am reminded of how easily I can become blind to my surroundings. Time to be more curious.

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