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Bad Days And Good Days?

Monterey, California

March 25, 2021

Thanks to Courtney for sharing the above graphic with me. It reminded me of something that I did not appreciate for a long time. That is, that I am not a robot, and it is human to have ups and downs, good days and bad days. Or as I prefer to say post August 25, 2016, better days and good days. Lack of such appreciation can lead to a lot of negative monkey mind — “you walked eight miles yesterday, why can’t you walk nine miles today?” 🤪🤔

Which is where the following video comes in. This is Gibson Beach at Point Lobos. The sand is white, doesn’t stick to you, the surf is beautiful and the waves are loud. I sat here and Zenned out. I may have even reached Don’s bpm of something in the 40s. Everything was good and trending toward better.

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