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Bald Eagle Outside Of Zion National Park

On Road To Zion (Route 9?)

December 16, 2023

Upon leaving Kanab, Utah I called an audible and decided to drive through Zion National Park on my way toward St. George, Utah. As I drove the lonely entrance road, my eye caught two bald eagles sitting on top of a tree along side the road. By the time I pulled over and got out my camera (and changed lenses), one of the eagles had flown away. But this fellow stayed put for at least 15 minutes. I probably took 100 shots of him. I haven't spent the time to go through each, although I know some a sharper than others. The light was rather flat but I did the best I could to work with it

One of the cooler experiences I have had. Several cars drove by while I basked in this opportunity; I wanted to yell out, "Can't you see what an amazing sight this is?" But I was glad it was my time.

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