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Bandelier National Monument to Jemez Springs, New Mexico

Jemez Springs, New Mexico

March 14, 2020

Another day of not driving very far but seeing a whole lot. I was about to type “another day of not much progress,” but that would have been incorrect. 🤪 I made just the right amount of progress. 😁

I headed out toward the Very Large Array south of Albuquirky but I didn’t get there I am so easy distracted! First, there was driving into Los Alamos. where there was a street there named “Bikini Atoll.”  My dad was there after WWII when the US test some nuclear devices. I would have taken a photo but I was inside the boundary of the National lab and didn’t want to get arrested. 😎

After leaving Los Alamos I climbed a mountain on State Route 4 where I encountered a snow storm. Glad I got new tires! 

After I cleared the snow storm I entered the Jemez Valley - wow! Cliffs containing some of the darkest red I remember seeing in nature. Unfortunately it was rainy so my photos weren’t turning out the way I wished.  Some I pulled out my Kindle and read for a few hours till the sun came out. That also gave me a chance to dry out my sleeping bag which got rained on last night.

Sun is going down now.  Just had a healthy dinner of a can of tuna on a bed of mandarin oranges.  Yum!

Campsite for the night.

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