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Beautiful Sunset

These photos are in reverse order. Enjoy.

It is fun how folks show up at the beach in late afternoon. There were ten or more picnic tables with couples or families using them. Most started fires in the fire pits and were cooking dinner on them or using a camp stove. A couple of folks were playing guitar, kids were running around, dogs were playing in the sand. Several brave souls were in the ocean. Brrrrrr. With this sunset, many people were taking photos of it with their phones — no “big” cameras in sight but for mine. Definitely a party atmosphere — very neat on a Tuesday evening.

Unlike our southern shores, the beaches here are not continuous along the coast. They are scattered here and there, separated from each other by a rocky coast.

Point Mugu State Park

February 23, 2021

I apologize — one of these photos is out of focus. 🤪🤔

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