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Bike Ride


April 27, 2022

Tgis morning I set out to tide my bike to Harbor Town. I had read that for $6 I could enter Sea Pines and get to Harbor Town.

I was misled. You can’t ride your bike into Sea Pines — if you want to drive your car it’s $9.

I thought about riding on the beach into Sea Pines but I couldn’t convince myself that was a good idea. So I headed back to my rental unit — into the wind of course.

I rode for nearly two hours which impressed myself. The bike paths are well done — wide, flat and well maintained.

I looked up how much more effort is required to propel a mountain bike that a road bike on the same flat surface. 15 percent. I thought it would be more.

I grabbed a piece of pizza at Whole Foods and spent the afternoon relaxing.

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