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Biloxi Blues

Charlottesville, Virginia

June 20, 2020

I watched Biloxi Blues tonight. Fun movie.

I'm the emotional type - I think I can tear up at the end of almost any movie. I loved the monologue from the final scene. Here it is:

As I look back now,

a lot of years later,

I realize that my time in the Army

was the happiest time of my life.

God knows,

not because I liked the Army,

and there sure was nothing

to like about a war.

I liked it for the most

selfish reason of all...

because I was young.

We all were...

me and Epstein and Wykowski,


Carney, Hennessey,

and even Sergent Toomey.

I didn't really like

most of those guys then,

but today,

I love every damn one of them.

Life is weird, you know?

Yes, it is. 🤔

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