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Bloomington, Illinois To Pittsboro, Indiana

Love’s Truck Stop

Pittsboro, Indiana

June 7, 2022

After a few weeks of driving mostly bumpy county roads in Michigan and Wisconsin, I opted for an interstate yesterday to drive through the flat farmland of Illinois and Indiana. Interstates don’t present many photo opportunities — the only photos I took were when I exited the interstate and visited Farmer City, Illinois. The town advertises itself as the only town name Farmer City in the world. How often on this trip have I said “the town has seen better days”? That applies to Farmer City. There is a nine-hole golf course that dates back to 1922 — the town did not look like one where you would find a golf course.

I am limping my way back east. I toyed with the idea of heading southwest to hit the historical Paris in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma. Instead I will hit that on my “cleanup tour” when I head to Lorraine (fka, Paris), California.

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