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Boulder's Hill District At Night

Boulder. Colorado

December 15, 2020

Took an after-dinner stroll tonight. Brisk and a wee bit icy. But as I learned when I got to UVa, don't walk with your hands in your pockets when walking around ice.

Several closed businesses in this area which appears to cater to students. Closed are a bicycle store, a record shop, a couple of restaurants, and a couple of businesses I couldn't tell what they were. It is sad that what should be a thriving area is not. The busiest store seems to be the weed store. There is a deli, three convenience stores, a Walgreens, a bank and a police station. Just your typical college commercial area. I found myself thinking that now would be the time to open a Bodo's here - get a good deal on space and open just before we (hopefully) return to normal activity. This area is also missing a Micer's-type store.

Jack K. tells me he has tipped a few at The Sink. Strange coincidence - The Sink and The Virginian both opened in 1923. How bizarre is that!

The Fox Theatre has hosted 110 concerts in its 25 year existence. That's not a lot of shows per year.

Not sure what this is all about.

The area is like the Corner; it could use a freshening up.

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