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"Buddha and The Badass" Quotations


December 16, 2021

I have not red this book yet but these quotations I found on tell me that I am going to enjoy it.

“Your soul isn’t here to achieve. Your soul is here to grow. Most people get this wrong. They become seduced by success and broken by failure.” “Learning is what you get from school. When it comes to classes like history, geography. and algebra, schools teach you facts and ideas—most of which you’re going to forget. This is LEARNING. But true growth comes from something else. Something much more powerful than learning. It’s called TRANSFORMATION. When you learn a fact you can forget it the next day. But a transformation is when your entire worldview shifts. When a transformation occurs there is an opening for a new way of seeing the world. It’s a complete shift in perspective. A transformation causes an exponential jump in who you are as a person. It may jolt you and rejig some of your long-held beliefs and values.” “Greatness is best achieved with others. The world is too complex to strike it alone. People are drawn to you not because of your business plan. Humans are moved by emotion more than logic. The greatest gift you can give someone is to invite them to share in a dream.” “Now, here is the big secret: The bigger your vision is, the easier it gets. When you live this way, you may find that the vision is not coming from you. Instead, the Universe is choosing to go through you to realize what the world needs.” “Lack of vision for your life will have you taking unintentional actions that don’t align with what you want.” “The Universe acts as a mirror. It reflects back to you what you are. The miracle of this is that you can shift your identity and the world will obey. But you must shift it so deeply you believe the new identity and live life in accordance with it.” “In most cases, anyone can imitate your business. But nobody can imitate your business if it's built based on your story. When your values infuse your business, you've given special life to your creation.” “The most important thing that our business schools need to teach us is that your work is not about your work. Rather, your work is nothing more than the ultimate vehicle for your personal growth." If your business fails, it doesn't matter. The question is, how did you grow? If your business becomes a billion dollars, it doesn't matter. The question is, how did you grow? - Srikumar Rao” “The desire to feel happy or think positively all the time hinders many people's authentic existence. It lowers resilience.” “Sometimes, you have to destroy a part of your life that is merely good, to allow what is truly great to enter.” “When a person experiences a transformation, they can’t go back to being the same as they were before. It’s a perspective shift that’s irreversible. In short, a person whose mind is expanded and stretched by transformation cannot revert back to their old beliefs.” “It's because we grow through discomfort or insight. But never through apathy.”

Here is a helpful video summary of the book. I like the idea of “unfuckwithable.”

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