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Hidden Hills

February 14, 2023

This post is more of a placeholder than anything else.

"We are where we are supposed to be." "We are the sum of our experiences." I like such aphorisms but I yet to find one that captures the "unified theory" of our being. I guess I'll keep looking!

Ken and I were talking yesterday about how a handful of people and experiences have such a profound effect on who we become -- and how who we become influences who other people become. That's the message I get each time I watch "It's A Wondefful Life." I used to think that I had control over my life. And while that is true, randomness plays a critical role in who we become.

Off the top of my head I have identified those people and experiences that have had the most profound effect on who I am -- at least the good parts. I'm not in the right place emotionally to write about those -- hopefully soon.

In the meantime, I found these two "posters" that I found quite moving.

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