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June 18, 2021

Bandon has more to offer than golf.

Today is farmers market day. Lots of crafts; some nice looking seafood, too. I scored this “small” piece of smoked salmon for $11. I asked the woman working there if she was from Bandon. Said she grew up here, raised kids in Portland and moved back to Bandon. I asked her how Bandon had changed - “busier and Californians,” she answered. As in the town is no longer affordable for housing. “Crap sells for a million,” she said. Bandon Dunes has brought more visitors which has been good for business and also provided a lot of service jobs. But Californians have bought second houses.

As I wondered through town and onto side streets I came across this wonderful little house. An older woman was out watering her flowers. After I complimented her on her garden, she said, “Wind is the worst. Dries out flowers quicker than anything.” We started chatting. She grew up in Connecticut. lived in Denver and 25 years ago was on a trip to the West Coast with a friend. They came to Bandon, and she said “This is it.” Her house is a block from downtown and 20 yards from the river. After I got my salmon, I walked back to her house - she was still watering. ‘Can I get you some seafood from the market?” I asked. I got a big smile - “No, I have already been this morning. Got cranberries to make cranberry bread later.” I told her I had gotten some smoked salmon. “Oh, you are going to enjoy that.”

And I am.

Other photos from around town.

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