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Can[y]on City, Colorado To Gunnison, Colorado

Gunnison, Colorado

October 20, 2020

Today's 2.5 hour drive took me 5 hours. Sounds about right. I finally headed back in a westerly direction. I'm clearly not solving the Traveling Salesman Problem while I am here. When I got to Pueblo a few weeks ago, I turned north off of Route 50. If I had continued on Route 50 back then I would have passed through Canon City and Gunnison and been on my way to Montrose. 🤔. No regrets -- efficiency is not a goal of my walkabout.

The drive from Canon City to Salida was a doubleback of part of my drive yesterday. Saw different highlights heading this way. The drive from Salida to Gunnison was spectacular. Climbed mountains to get to the Continental Divide and Monarch Pass, then downhill to pastureland at 8,000 feet into Gunnison. All on US 50. Lots of places in Colorado have no cell service and the distance between towns is

remarkable. Lots of people live a very rural life!

Working the curves.

There is another sign like this closer to Aspen as I recall.

Getting ready for winter.

It’s a long, straight road.

A lot going on here.

Thought about staying here. But with Covid, I go for national chains. Like tonight when it will be 20 degrees.

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