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Capitol Reef Hike

Capitol Reef National Park

November 3, 2020

As is my strategy, I arrived at Capitol Reef with no game plan, no idea what I “should” see. Stopped in the visitor center and asked a ranger what are the must do’s - Scenic Drive, Capitol Gorge trail and Panoramic Point for sunset. Boom - game plan in hand I set off.

But first I met a family from Virginia in the parking lot. It was their license plate. Left Nova two months ago and home schooling the kids as they are now full-time RVing. (He retired from the Navy.). It felt good to talk with them.

Here are some photos from Scenic Drive and my hike:


Feeling tall and slender. 🤪

”Keep your head on a swivel” I would always tell me kids. Well, I missed this sign and hiked an extra three plus miles.

Probably my favorite shot from the hike. Love how the colors turned out and how I captured the rightness of the terrain.

This is a rock on the “floor“ of the riverbed.

Love the pattern of this rock. Eroded by water.

Still mile high.

I like how this shot turned out wide angle looking down.

The hike is along a riverbed you can see how the water has eroded the sandstone.

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