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Carpinteria, California -- March 1, 2021

Carpinteria, California

March 2, 2021

Groundhog Day yesterday here. Sunny skies, high in the upper 60s. Did some walking, rode my bike, walked into downtown Carpinteria (which starts all of one block from here), did some stretches (scoliosis is bothering me after hitting golf balls last week) and re-organized the truck contents for the n! time.

A rock "caterpillar" that extends a couple of blocks in Carpinteria (see above, too).

Someone suggested I get a VW van. Was it Steve? Not bad looking -- but not mine!

My daily The Spot photo.

Typical Carpinteria house in this part of town. There must be another part where the movie stars live.

Amtrak has an old and new station here. Well, the new is just a shelter.

Sunset. Perhaps not in order. Used an ND filter for the first time. Basically filters the brightness of the sun while allowing the rest of the photo to appear as is. I need practice but I like the effect.

Sunset is happy hour on the beach. People sit on the dunes and watch. They tend to leave as soon as the sun sets. I want to tell them that there is still great color to come but they will have to figure out for themselves that they are basically leaving after six innins.

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