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Carpinteria To Santa Claus Beach To Santa Barbara To Golita (Home Of UC - Santa Barbara)

Courtyard By Marriott

Golita, California

February 26, 2021

Wow - today was a busy day. Started off at Carpinteria State Park then to a driving range then to Sant Claus Beach. Then it was onto Santa Barbara (Whole Foods stop) and to my hotel for the next two nights in nearby Golita. The hotel turns out to be next to UC-Santa Barbara and about a mile from the beach. I now know what the "students" at UCSB do on Friday afternoon -- they hit the beach with their surfboards. I'm convinced that the application to UCSB has only two requirements -- (1) submit a photo of you in your wetsuit and (2) please confirm you can ride a bike while carrying your surfboard. Note -- you are exempt from item 2 if you own a BMW convertible in which you will carry your surfboard. There may be a third requirement for guys -- how many times can you use "bro" in one minute? I overheard a lot of "bros" and a lot of talk of "coke." I don't think they were talking about a substitute for Dr. Pepper.

I took a lot of what I think are good photos so I am going with a slideshow tonight. Tunes by who else -- the Beach Boys.

The slideshow starts out at Carpinteria State Park -- lots of surf photos. Then photos of the main drag in the town of Carpinteria as well as its beach. Santa Claus Beach is about 3 miles from there -- unfortunately there is no sign designating Santa Claus Beach. It is the beach where there are signs for other places. The slideshow wraps up with photos from sunset at or near Sands Beach near UCSB. There are photos of surfers, birds, the waves, the sunset and the full moon. The slideshow is about 12 minutes long. Lots of pretty good photos I think.

In case you don't have time for the slideshow, here are some of the photos.

I laughed when I realized I caught a fellow wiping out.

Oh, I advanced 21 miles today. That may be my record for the shortest forward progress on any day where I was trying to move forward.

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