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Catalina State Park

Catalina, Arizona

February 26, 2020

After nearly a week in Phoenix, I am on the move again. Headed south to the Tucson area (Catalina State Park) which will serve as home base as I explore Saguaro National Park which is 45 minutes west of here.

Hope you enjoy this short video documenting my drive and my first hike at Catalina. I took the Sutherland Trail which merged into the Catalina Canyon Trail to bring me back to the trailhead. Nice stroll which got me over my 10,000 step goal. Met a group walking their Golden (who was having a great time sitting in the stream) so I got my dog fix for the day.

The video features the return of Buddy and proof that I am still smiling. 😃

The weather here is beautiful. Temperature ranges from high 20s at dawn to 60 - 70 degrees during the day. Off to Saguaro National Park now. With my sunscreen!

I selected the tune for the video to reflect that getting back in the swing of my walkabout this first week has been a bit of a ..... (listen to find the answer!).

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