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“Change The Way I See The World….”


September 23, 2021

In this morning’s NYT, there is an article about Sandra Day OConnor. The following paragraph was particularly poignant to me. A reminder to always be open minded to new ideas and new perspectives on our thoughts and beliefs. We are never too old to both change and grow — either incrementally or radically.

Her [O’Connor’s] learning came not only from briefs. After Justice Thurgood Marshall’s retirement in 1991, she published an essay in The Stanford Law Review that offered a singular and deeply personal appreciation of the colleague with whom she had served for 10 years. Justice Marshall “imparted not only his legal acumen but also his life experiences,” she wrote, “constantly pushing and prodding us to respond not only to the persuasiveness of legal arguments but also to the power of moral truth.” His departure left her “hoping to hear, just once more another story that would, by and by, perhaps change the way I see the world.”

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