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Ely, Nevada

December 12, 2022

For many of us, when we hear "Charlottesville" mentioned in the national news, we expect that the reference is to the events of August 2017 around the Downtown Mall.

On my wanderabout, I have said I'm from Charlottesville probably at least 500 times. Not once has anyone responded referencing August 2017. Not that I would expect anyone to remember it as vividly as I do, but it was enough and remains a reference point that I would have thought a handful of people would have said something. Nothing.

Maybe that fact supports my assertion that those of us who read multiple sources of news each day are really in the minority. And that it is really is a luxury to have the time and wherewithal to do that.

Perhaps I'd be better off if I didn't take in the amount of news I do. 😳. I'm learning to ask myself this question before I read a news item -- what actionable information do I expect from this article? If the answer is none and further that it probably is just going to spin me up, I move on. At least I'm trying to.

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