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Charlottesville, Oregon

Charlottesville, Oregon

(aka, Umpqua State Park, Oregon)

June 25, 2021

”I see your license plate. Are you from Virginia?”

”I am.”

”I’m from Charlottesville.”

Wait! What?

So started a conversation with a young woman named Cameron who spotted my license plate yesterday at the campground.

Cameron and a group of young women from around the country are cycling from Seattle to San Diego for seven weeks to raise money to fight sex trafficking. They are two weeks into their ride.

Cameron and I had a great conversation. She goes (went?) to Jefferson’s alma mater in Williamsburg. Her dad is a doctor who was at UVa and is now at Martha Jefferson. (Still is crazy to me how Cville has two great hospitals.). She allowed me to bore her with my Going To Paris story. (It is funny how each time I tell that story it doesn’t seem real that I am on this walkabout/wanderabout.). We talked about how she will be riding in some spectacular scenery tiding down the PCH. I’m a bit envious!

Here’s is a photo of the second side of her card and a screen shot of the donation page from the website with her full name in case you care to donate to the cause. I’m blown away by her commitment to ride 1,700 miles over seven weeks. The good news is while my campsite was probably 40 yards from theirs, I could tell the gals are having a great time. 😁

What is it about Charlottesville that makes it so special? Not sure where I will end up but my memories since moving there in 2015 are quite dear to me.

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