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Union Station


January 2, 2024

Chicago Union Station is an intercity and commuter rail terminal located in the West Loop neighborhood of the Near West Side of Chicago. The station is Amtrak's flagship station in the Midwest. While serving long-distance passenger trains, it is also the downtown terminus for six Metra commuter lines. Union Station is just west of the Chicago River between West Adams Street and West Jackson Boulevard, adjacent to the Chicago Loop. Including approach and storage tracks, it covers about nine and a half city blocks (mostly underground, buried beneath streets and skyscrapers).

Fun that the Polar Express is in the board!

Chicago. Hard for me to be here. Represents the greatest failure of my life. That's what makes this scene from Good Will Hunting so very poignant to me:

Damn. I blew the best thing I have had. Even going to Paris can't explain why.

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