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Christmas Morning 2022

Hidden Hills

January 9, 2033

Posting a couple of weeks after writing this post.

I spent one Christmas at Big Bend, one in Boulder and now one in Tehachapi. It feels odd -- that is perhaps the feeling I was looking for.

Being away for Christmas has opened my eyes to how fortunate I have been at Christmas. Many people have to work on Christmas Day -- truckers gotta truck, servers have to serve, our military is deployed. There are those who don't celebrate Christmas because of their religions and some who choose not to celebrate because they don't believe. Then there are those who don't because of poverty and those who are alone.

This morning I wish that those who wish they could celebrate Christmas but can't will still feel the Christmas Spirit.

I have a sign I hang at Christmas. On it is a small painting of Santa Claus; under Santa are the words "We believe." I love that sign. It reminds me that I believe in everything that Santa represents -- cheer, joy, giving, caring, forgiving, love and sharing.

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