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Closed Due To Heat?

Bend, Oregon

June 29, 2021

I said last week I wasn’t coming to Bend. Shows how well I predict my travel plans.

What do you call someone who lives in Bend? I’m going with a Bender.

I came to Bend to see what all the fuss is about. I headed to downtown first. Reaction? Money. And a bit hip.

Beautiful post office building tgst is no longer tge post office. 😮

More than even a Whole Foods store, a Patagonia store is only going to be someplace where there is affluence.

By the way, I am all for affluence. I think it is great. At some level it makes me uncomfortable but up to that point it means there is a level of luxury that is great to experience.

The word is out about my hair.


A half of mile from downtown is another shopping area in an old lumber mill. Very nicely done. Huge REI store. I spent less than $100. 🤪

Bend is on the Deschutes River; it runs right through town. Similar to the river that runs through Boise. Lots of trails running along it. Many folks on the river today, floating along.

My too quick to judge opinion? Weather is awesome. Downtown is commercial, residential is spread out. In other words, you need to drive places (or ride your bike). Coming into town on US 97 from Redmond, it felt like West Broad Street in Richmond. There are wealthy areas and other areas. At 100,000 it is in that in between place. It’s growing fast because it is close to recreational options like the forest and skiing. It’s a rather big city to be in the middle of nowhere.

Guy at the record store said 2008 killed the housing market here. It’s rebounded well beyond its 2007 peak.

Reminds me a great deal of San Luis Obispo in terms of the downtown snd tge feel.

I might not live here — but then again I said I wasn’t coming here this week. 😁🤪🤙

And about golf. There is a nine hole course I drove to; it is closed this afternoon due to the heat. It’s only 104 degrees!

It looked like a beautiful layout. $35 for nine — twice as much as in Madras.


Stretching the hamy and the lower back.

That is some beautiful turf.

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