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Collateral Damage?


July 1, 2022

I‘m not a big fan of the Supreme Court decision regarding the EPA. I believe that we deserve a unified approach to climate change and now the odds of having that are reduced. And Lord knows, Congress will never act on it.

What will we get instead? I suspect many blue states will enact their own legislation regarding climate change, resulting in a patchwork of regulations. Companies will have to navigate that patchwork, resulting in inefficiencies and increased costs to us, the consumers.

States’ rights. I’m convinced more than ever that we are headed toward a split. One new country can live under the original Constitution and the other new country (or countries) can develop new constitutions reflecting the lessons we have learned.

Hyperbolic? Perhaps. But Texas Republicans seem to agree with the idea as they advocate Texas reserving the right to break off from the USA.

This is one of those posts I probably should sit on before I hit “publish.” Nah, i think I’ve captured my raw reaction pretty well.

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