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Columbia, Missouri And Mizzou

Decatur, Illinois

August 22, 2021

Thanks to Jack for telling me about me that Jefferson's original headstone is located on the quad at the University of Missouri. From

The grave marker and accompanying marble epitaph were originally erected at Monticello, seven years after Jefferson’s death in 1826. But in 1883, Jefferson’s descendants donated the tombstone (which at this point was in desperate need of repair thanks to visitors’ proclivity for chipping off parts of it for souvenirs) to the university in Columbia, Missouri.

To this day the reason for the choice is not entirely clear, but it’s not entirely random either. Missouri was the first university founded within the territory acquired in the Louisiana Purchase during Jefferson’s tenure as president. The school’s design was even inspired by the founding father’s plans for the University of Virginia, of which he was so proud.

It is always fun to visit a university. There were students around and there was the excitement of moving in for the year. The quad was a pretty area with a large open grass area surrounded by red brick buildings.

I always like a good old hotel sign.

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