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Constellation Records


April 24, 2021

Apparently I have not found the boundary of soul music. There are good tunes here I have never heard.

Constellation Records was an American record label extant from 1963 to 1966. Despite only being in business for a few years, the label was described by the Encyclopedia of Popular Music as "one of the legendary labels of the soul era".

Constellation was founded by Ewart Abner in 1963 after he was forced from Vee-Jay Records. His business partners included artist and repertory man Bunky Sheppard and investor Art Sheridan. The label's most successful artist was Gene Chandler. While it was a prominent releaser of Chicago soul music, it also released many singles from New Orleans-based musicians, as well as music in the genres of rock, pop, gospel, and blues.

Constellation released approximately 70 singles during its time of operation, many of which were re-released on CD by Collectables Records in later decades.


Gene Chandler

Billy "The Kid" Emerson

Nolan Chance

Dee Clark

Lee Dorsey

Frankie Ford

The Freedoms

Wilbert Harrison

Sonny Holliday

Sandra Lynn

Johnny Lytle

Holly Maxwell

Bobby Miller

Roscoe Robinson

The Sheppard

Gerri Taylor

Carol Vega

Don Jacoby

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