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Copies Of The Eiffel Tower In The U.S. -- Something You Always Wanted To Know

Not an Eiffel Tower in the U.S.

Boulder, Colorado

December 2, 2020

Inquiring minds wanted to know. I've really only missed one (Austin) that I'll need to make a special detour to see. BTW, the list is not complete as this list does not include the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Kentucky nor the one in Paris, Arkansas. And note, there is not an Eiffel Tower in Paris, Mississippi -- though that seems to be more of a thinko than an error as they correctly say it is really in Michigan.

Epcot Center (Florida) In Florida there are a lot of amusement parks, Florida is a resort destination. Disney settled there and opened, in addition to its magic kingdom and its studios, a park named EPCOT Center. It is a succession of 12 hamlets arranged around a lake. Each hamlet is country-themed. That of France has a theater, various shops, and so that the decor is complete, a miniature Eiffel Tower. Well, it's still 23m high, for a ratio of 1:14 th. It's pretty well done, its proportions are good and the curve that the pillars take is correct. She does not visit.

Technological museum (Georgia) This is a Replica of the Eiffel Tower in Meccano, the famous building game that generations of children have used. She was assembled at the Technology Museum of Georgia in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, during the year 1990-1991. Alas in 2004 this museum closed and the tower was dismantled and abandoned.

It was 11m50 high for a weight of 420Kg, which is rather light for such a size, knowing that the Meccano is metal. It required 15,672 pieces, 29,880 bolts and 826 hours of work. Its shape is quite correct, if not a corner too pronounced at the first floor, the actual tower is a little more curved. On the other hand, the floors are well reproduced and the pylon rising to the top is perfect. Note also the excellence of the 3rd floor, a generally sloppy floor but here is very well reproduced.

Boise (Idaho) This little Eiffel Tower is only a few meters high. It is in Ihoa, USA, on a sidewalk in the city of Boise. His reason of being ? The presence of the "Café de Paris" in the city center. Honestly it does not have a great resemblance with the Parisian tower, one feels that its author did the best but without being able to reproduce exactly the floors since it is only a big bent and worked mesh of so as to make him marry the shapes of the Eiffel Tower. It's quite successful, but it does not give a real copy. The 2nd floor was materialized but not the first, which is rather curious.

Paris (Mississippi) This Eiffel Tower is located in the city of Paris, Michigan (United States). It was built in 1980 by students from the "Mecosta-Osceola Career Center" of Big Rapids, they used slats of metal beds. It is 6.1m high (20 feet), for a scale of 1:55 th. She is currently in a city park, in the shade of trees as shown in this picture.

From the point of view realization at first glance shows that it is very successful, but as soon as we look closer we see that its floors are just marked, that the 3rd is almost nonexistent, and that the top is a little strange anyway ... The fact of having used recovery material does not make perfect, but we must recognize that the work is still good, and as the general aspect is ok, this tower is very nice to watch. Note the accuracy of the curves and the presence of decorations on the first floor.

Fayetteville (Caroline du Nord) The United States owns several copies of the Eiffel Tower on their territory. One of them is well known, she is in Fayetteville, Northern California. There, it is called the Bordeaux tower. It is 45m high and its design is simple, but effective.

It is immediately identified as a copy of the Eiffel Tower thanks to its general shape and its succession of "caissons" (openwork blocks superimposed on each other, this is what makes the Parisian tower), but otherwise it is not a perfect copy. The floors are not very marked, without floor (which is classic on the copies), and the 3rd floor is a free inspiration, with a reminder of the original campanile. But otherwise the decorations are well reproduced. It was painted white for a reason that I do not know.

Raleigh (North Carolina) This copy of the American Eiffel Tower is little known and yet it is of a very high quality. Its proportions are well respected, the floors well reproduced and even the third floor, however rarely succeeded, and quite correct. It is located in the town of Raleigh, in a shopping area near various bars, restaurants (including a French crèperie) and various shops. If, in the photo, it seems 'stung' is that it was surrounded, at the time of shooting, many garlands that make it glitter at night.

Las Vegas (Nevada) The Eiffel Tower of Las Vegas is undoubtedly the most famous replica of the Parisian monument. 165m high, made on a scale 1/2, it is located along the Las Vegas Trip (This great avenue that crosses the city and along which are all the famous casinos). More exactly, it serves as a backdrop for the casino "Paris Las Vegas", a casino managed by the "Caesars Entertainment Corporation". As its name suggests, its theme is France and especially Paris. It contains, besides this tower, a copy of a balloon, a triumphal arch, La Fontaine des Mers, etc. Knowing the Americans, this copy can only be perfect. And yet this is not the case, there are differences between it and the original. The most striking is the roof covering the first floor gallery, a roof that does not exist in Paris. The other fault is the third floor, whose gallery is not quite high enough. After, there are the antennas that are missing, but for that we can not speak of imperfections. As you might expect, the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower is one of the best reproduced in the world.

New-York (New-York) This is a very ephemeral Eiffel Tower ... It was used by a runner of the New York Marathon, quite recently. Do not doubt it for a moment, it was French! Note that the story does not tell if he wore this infrastructure seeming still very heavy to the finish line...

New-York (New-York) This Eiffel Tower is advertising, it is on the roof of a hotel, in the Bronx, between JFK airport and Manhattan. It is rather small and its shape is correct, but to say more it would be necessary to see it closely.

Kings Island (Oklahoma) This copy of the Eiffel Tower is at Kings Island amusement park located in Ohio, United States. It is approximately 100 meters (scale 1: 3 th). It was manufactured in 1972 to be placed in the park's central aisle, near the entrance. There are 15,000 rooms and the staircase is 410 steps. She has a sister, made 3 years later, who is at Dominion Park, Virginia.

Paris (Tennesse) The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Tennessee, was the subject of a battle with the namesake city of Texas. It is nearly 20 meters (60 feet), which makes it 1:20 th. It is installed in a square of the city.

Unlike Texas, which is just a kind of ordinary metal structure, it's a real working copy. It reproduces perfectly the curvatures of the original tower, and the floors are well marked, if not complete. We would have liked, for example, that the floors are there. Note the top floor is fairly well reproduced while usually it is he who is the worst done. It must be said that it is the hardest to reproduce too.

Austin (Texas) There are two Eiffel towers in Texas. This one is in Austin, the capital of the state. It is called the "Dreyfus Eiffel Tower" simply because it is facing the antique store Dreyfus, 1901 North, on Lamar boulevard. It is 7.5m high, which makes it to 1:25 th.

This tower is original in its color, red. Not so surprising that when we know that the Eiffel Tower was red, a time soon after its construction (See Painting the Eiffel Tower) It is well done, the copy is close to compliance. It has a campanile as had the Parisian monument in the early nineteenth century. His floors are incomplete, especially the second one, which has none of the two levels. It should still note the quality of the spacers, as well as the "grid" located under the first floor.

Paris (Texas) When a foreign city is called Paris, one is not surprised to find a copy of the Eiffel Tower. This is the case in Prizh, Russia, but also in Paris, Texas. Except that when Texans want their Eiffel Tower, they adapt it ... Here is what we can find on site: A metal structure in the shape of the Eiffel Tower covered with a large Texas hat. Original, but not necessarily good taste. Built in 1993, it is 20m high (66 feet) and was the subject of a battle in principle with the Tower of Paris in Tennessee. At first it was the Texan city that had the highest tower: 60 feet. Suddenly, the city of Tennessee has made a 60 feet too. And like that they do not like it, the Texans have added this hat and since, the tower of Texas measures 66 feet ...

Well, comparing them, there is no picture: Where the inhabitants of Tennessee have a real reproduction of the Eiffel Tower, Texans have only a vague structure more like a pylon than true copy. Some will say that it is the intention that counts, but when we see the quality of the copy of Tennessee, we regret the bad taste of this reply.

Salt Lake City (Utah) This Replica of the Eiffel Tower is presented as a statue, it is rare enough to emphasize it. It is approximately 1m50 high and its base should be 1m20, roughly. This donation is a tribute to Françoise Bernhard, founder of the French Circle and the Alliance française in Salt Lake City. This sculpture was made by R. Prazen on sketches by Annette Johnson. She is in the French garden.

It is pretty well reproduced, the resemblance is good. It looks a little too slender, and of course, on a Replica of this size, it is impossible to do too much detail, so the floors and antennas are schematized, but it's not bad at all.

Dominion (Virginie de l'Ouest) Kings Dominion Attraction Park is located in Virginia, United States. It is 101 meters high, which makes it scale 1: 3 th. It was built in 1975 by the Bristol Steel company three years before that of Kings Island, his sister. It serves as the central point of the park, in the international part, just under the fountains of the main entrance. It was manufactured from 450 tons of steel and is equipped with elevators installed by Haushahn Elevator of Austria recently.


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