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Cottonwood Canyon Road

Kanab, Utah

November 19, 2020

My drive yesterday. But instead of 3 hours and 27 minutes, it took me 8.5 hours due to road conditions and stopping to take photos. Your guess as to which one of those two delays was bigger.

Once again I was experimenting with my cameras. Looks like I cranked pretty hard on the polarizing filter, but I still think these are representative photos of what I saw.

The Cottonwood Canyon Road is a heck of short cut to Cannonville but you miss all of Utah Route 12. It is a dirt road for 46 miles. I went 30 miles in and then turned around.

You'll see that Grosvenor Arch was named for the founder of the National Geographic Society by an expedition from the Society. That same expedition named Kodachrome Basin where I was a couple of weeks ago. Humph.

Stunning to me how the predominant color in these photos is a whitish-yellowish gray, yet a canyon over it is red.

I'm glad I did this drive. I let my kids know where I was going and when I got out in case I had any vehicle problems. But there were people every five to eight miles so it. wasn't like I was off by myself.

This part of the country is insanely beautiful.

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