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Deschutes Brewery


June 30, 2021

As I was taking this photo, an executive (I sssumed by his presence and knowledge) from Deschutes walked by. Told me some maintenance guys did the barrels. I commented how cool it was that the brewery was part of the city; he said the city expanded to where the brewery is. The facility had a large footprint across several buildings

He said the founder, Gary, started in Bend. People who came here for vacation and skiing took the beer home with them and he was quickly selling kegs to Portland snd Seattle.

I mentioned that I live in Charlottesville. “Oh, man, that’s a great place,”. He said, ”We looked at putting a tasting room in Charlottesville but ended up locating it in Roanoke.”

And that’s what I learned at the Deschutes Brewery.

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