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Dexter To Sweet Home To Big Lake. 6.27.21

Big Lake, Oregon

June 27, 2021

My campground for last night.

Adios Dexter Lake Club.

Had to take a photo of this sign (I had to turnaround.)

Another covered bridge.

Come on, now. Get your facts straight.

I do wish Congress would do something about high capacity magazine and being able to hold gun manufacturers accountable. But no one is going to take guns away from their owners.

I’m getting closer to Sweet Home!

I made it!

Pretty good size town but no Walmart. They do have a Safeway, McDonalds and Dollar General. The DG was the only place that still had ice available.

And a DQ.

Main Street.

Of course….

There is a restored covered bridge in a park in Sweet Home.

If you have a boat in Oregon, you are likely on the water today. It is 100+ degrees.

I think this is my first time on US 20. It is the longest road in the United States. Its endpoints are Newport, Oregon and Boston, Massachusetts.

The drive from Sweet Home to Big Lake was into the Cascade Mountains. I ate up some gasoline climbing — fortunately they have passing lanes snd turnoffs so I didn’t hold anyone up for long. It was rather magical driving with the big Douglas Firs (I think that’s what they were) bordering the highway. (The drive from Dexter to Sweet Home was through field of hay.)

I am going to put the rest of the photos in a gallery.

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