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Dillon Beach, California To Ocean Cove Campground, California (May 22, 2021)

Johnson's Beach Campground

Guerneville, California

May 24, 2021

After a good night’s sleep in the back of Hi Ho Silver, I put my lounge chair in her, mounted my bike on the bike rack and headed out of Lawson’s Landing at Dillon Beach. The campground was packed — folks cooking breakfast, kids running around, people getting their boats ready to go out on the water. It was a glorious morning — sunny, mid 40s and no wind!

After a few miles on a side road through some gorgeous country, I rejoined the PCH and headed north. I detoured a mile off of the PCH to the little town of Bodega and spent a bit of time walking around. Then it was off to the “big” town of Bodega Bay where I grabbed fish & sweet potato chips for breakfast/lunch. I was so hungry and even then the fish & chips were disappointing - too much batter and not enough fish. As I headed out of Bodega Bay I came across a wide beach — parked the truck, took some photos and walked a couple of miles on the beach.

Next, I was in for a treat. The drive from there to where I am camping (Ocean View Bay) was ridiculously beautiful. The mountains coming down to the ocean, the rocky coast, the elevation of the road — my senses were overwhelmed. No photo or video could adequately capture what I saw. (Of course, that did not stop me from trying to capture the feeling with photos and videos. 🤪)

At the little town of Jenner I crossed the Russian River and was tempted to join the masses that were kayaking. I regret not doing that. It was about 3 pm by that time and I started to wonder where I was going to sleep tonight. The several state and regional parks had signs saying their campgrounds were full. Then I came across this privately owned campground; timidly I asked at the store if they had a tent site for tonight. $35 and I’m set for tonight. I’m at most a long wedge from the cliff overlooking the ocean. I’m looking forward to sunset.

I met my neighbors in the campground - a mom, daughter and friend from around Oakland. And their Goldendoodle Shelby. Shelby and I became fast friends — she came to visit when I was sitting in my lounge chair. Just like Clarke, she loves having her ears and belly rubbed. I must have passed the test because she collapsed on my feet. 😁

Dinner tonight was a piece of grilled salmon from Whole Foods in Mill Valley and two eggs (just the white, no yolk). I guess that makes it a dinner of protein.

It’s now 6:30 pm. No clouds to give the sunset color — perfectly blue sky (except for the haze which I attribute to the ocean being 51 degrees.

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