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Diverticulosis Or IBS? Yuck.

Burlington, Vermont

April 11, 2022

If you have ever had one of these aliments, or diverticulitis, you have my sympathy. I’m guessing that my diet over the past few weeks has not been kind to my sigmoid and here I am at the Delta Hotel by Marriott in Burlington suffering with what feels like cramping in my large intestine. It has been several years since I’ve had an “attack” and it took me a bit to diagnose what’s going on. The treatment is rather simple - rest, clear fluids and as I start to feel better, introduction of easy to digest foods.

I have been lucky on my wanderabout with my health. However, it is still a bummer to be laid up for today — the first sunny day in a while. Hopefully later today I can get out and do a bit of walking which often helps relax the sigmoid.

Stuff likes this reminds me of what an incredible machine the human body is. And how plumbing problems often occur at curves in the pipes.

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