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Eiffel Tower In Atlanta

Atlanta Hartsfield

May 10, 2021

Thanks to Lucian’s neighbor, Bob, for making me aware of the Eiffel Tower in Atlanta. Thanks to Lucian for driving me all over to find the tower.


I kind of like it. Atlanta oldtimers: it's right behind the old Peaches Records. Oldtimers also know that it's Peachtree ROAD out here but phoey on that.

Heading north on Peachtree you pass Piedmont Hospital, Bennett Street. Finnally, just before you cross Peachtree Creek there is a little road to the left lined with neoclassical buildings. It's 23oo Peachtree Road.

If you happen to slow down waiting for the Peachtree Hills light, you might just spot the Eiffel Tower.

It's a bit hard to see from Peachtree so you'd better just turn in. It's like you are in a whole different country. There are 3 buildings in this federal courthouse style. There is almost a cozy new-urban feel in spite of the formal facades.

And who did the Eiffel Tower? (Thanks to Holly at TTI: Ray Goins did the tower. Nice work Ray.)

Atlanta design insiders know all about it. It's home to the offices of our Atlanta architects:Peter Block and right next door Stan Dickens.

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