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“Embrace The Uncertainty”

Charlottesville, Virginia

July 31, 2020

I have always sucked at change. I’m sitting here in my Airbnb where I have lived the past month cursing as I pack up my stuff. (Fortunately I have learned to have less stuff so that’s less of a problem than in my past.). I’ve gotten comfortable here.

But my mind in all of its chaos, generated a useful thought (for once). “Embrace the uncertainty”. It is the favorite saying if a friend of mine. The past four months have gotten me out of the practice. I’ve closed up, tightened up (no, not Archie Bell). I’ve written “anchors up,” but I with each day, my anchor was getting more firmly planted.

Comfort. Certainty. And the big C - control. Those were goals of mine for a long time. I wasn‘t happy when I found them - more accurately, when I came close to achieving them.

Anchors up; embrace the uncertainty. Yeah. Bring it on. Let’s have some fun! I’m going to stumble, fall and get hurt. But I’ll get back up and do it again. With joy and optimism!

Thanks for sharing this emotional health moment with me!!

Anybody want to help me carry this stuff out to my truck?


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Jul 31, 2020

(1) I would be happy to help you carry your stuff out to your truck if we can do it this weekend -- I should be there from 8 this evening until 6 a.m. Monday....

(2) I hope you do not confuse "uncertainty" with "chaos" -- uncertainty, I would suggest, is the recognition that "shit happens". Chaos is the lack of any fixed reference points, as well as the belief that Truth is incalculable, and Natural Law is nonexistent.....


Jul 31, 2020

more albums await. a bunch of 45's. you have been embracing change. you had been traveling, then you decided to change and plant for a while. that is change.

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