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Eugene To Swisshome To Tide To Yachats To Waldport

Waldport, Oregon

July 7, 2021

5 pm

Back on the road today after a couple of nights in Eugene - one night in a Fairfield Inn and one night in a Comfort Suites. It was nice to be in air conditioning with wifi, shower and a shave, but I’m glad to back in camping mode. Right now I have found a secluded spot off of US 101 in Waldport; there is no sign saying I am trespassing and can’t “park here overnight” (code for sleeping in your vehicle. (I subsequently changed my mind and found an RV park in town with a tent area -- $29 for the night gets me wifi, running water and security.)

Before I left Eugene I hit a Target and purchased some food items and new Rubbermaid storage boxes for food. I may be on a walkabout but when things begin to get grody, I replace them. I have some standards. Pretty sure I have never typed the word "grody."

Swisshome and Tide were audibles on my drive. I saw a sign for Swisshome and had to check it out. Tide was along the way so I got that one as a bonus. My mother’s mother’ parents were from Switzerland I believe. My knowledge of my family history is sparse. Jeangequet was their last name. You need to understand that my mother had a silver chalet that she said her father won in the Boston Marathon. After she passed, I finally read the engraving on the chalet; my mother wasn't even close.

According to Wikipedia:

Swisshome is an unincorporated community in Lane County. It is along the Siuslaw River northeast of Mapleton, on Oregon Route 36.

The community's name was conferred in honor of a local Swiss family. Swisshome post office was established in 1902. The Coos Bay Rail Link passes through Swisshome.

There are two covered bridges close by that I missed!! Those things happen, right? Swisshome didn't strike me as terribly Swiss. There were no cows with bells or yodelers. And while some the buildings were well kept, I wouldn't say the upkeep was up to Swiss standards.

Tide is an unincorporated community in Lane County on Oregon Route 36, about six miles east of its junction with Oregon Route 126 in Mapleton, near the Siuslaw River.

Route 126 took me into Florence; from there to Yachats was a repeat of a drive I made 10 (?) days ago. You'll be pleased to know I didn't stop and take more photos on that part of the route.

It is overcast and 60 degrees in Waldport. That is 50 degrees cooler than where I was this time last week! I made a tee time at the local 9 hole course for tomorrow morning. After that I might go back and catch those covered bridges I missed!

Today's photos:

Post office in Walton, Oregon. I love these old mail boxes. This one is not as old as the one at the Manassas, Virginia train station. I looked underneath and this one is not built to last 400 years.

Swisshome, Oregon.

Is this a kiln? Located at an existing wood laminating facility in Swisshome.

I took these next two photos back on 126 heading toward Florence. I'm guessing that the building is part of the means to open the bridge -- I assume by rotating the middle part open. But the whole structure looks so delapidated. Do we really stand for this stuff?

I took these photos in Yachats. I love this bench. The path to get to it is overgrown but the view is priceless. I feel like I found someplace special.

My goal today was to get to Yachats. For once, I actually went farther (by maybe ten miles -- Waldport was the first place that had campsites available).

My home for tonight and perhaps tomorrow night.

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