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Evening At The Beach


May 4, 2022

I ended up talking with this couple. They are 20 hours from home in Manhattan, Kansas. Their first time to Hilton Head. This is their new favorite beach replacing the Florida Panhandle. They leave tomorrow, too.

Nothing like sitting on the beach between 7 pm and sunset.

Oops -- these first three photos are from the pool this afternoon after golf.

Can you see the shrimp boat on the horizon?

Hudson’s is the only restaurant on Hilton Head Island that has a working fleet of shrimp boats. Jeff and Skip Toomer are third generation shrimpers, and they dock at the restaurant to deliver the freshest locally caught shrimp. You might be lucky and see the process as you dine on the dock. Our local shrimp are sweet-tasting, succulent, and delicious. A good catch will bring in a haul of over a 1,000 pounds of shrimp.

There are two seasons for white shrimp. The first, is the roe shrimp season which usually occurs in May or June. The fall white shrimp season typically produces the largest catch. These shrimp are the offspring of the spring spawn. This season usually begins in August and peaks in September and October. The season usually lasts through December and sometimes into January. They are great for shrimp boils, like our Lowcounrty Boil, and other preparations where they can soak in the flavors but we also prepare them fried, pan sautéed, steamed, broiled, and blackened.

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