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Fairfield Inn ($104)

Clovis, New Mexico

February 5, 2024

I drove approximately 360 miles today from Gallup, New Mexico to Clovis, New Mexico. Tired me out. I wanted to get to Earth, Texas which is another 60 miles away, but there's no place to stay in Earth and after a night sleeping in 24 degree weather I decided to splurge on a hotel.

Unfortunately it will be cloudy (forecasted) tomorrow when I visit Earth and Happy. Shooting photos is more fun in the sun.

Having a deadline for getting back to Cville kind of sucks. I'm not able to call many audibles and I need to drive longer each day than I care to. Plus I choose to drive the interstate for the most part to make good time.

I wonder if I'll ever try to drive continuously what remains of US 66. It would also be fun to drive US 60 across the country -- from Virginia Beach to Blythe, California. Today I was disappointed not to be able to detour to White Sands National Park and Roswell. I have been to them both so I can't feel too bad about missing them.

Ramble, ramble. Lots going on in this mind of mine.

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