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False Start

Monterey, California

March 18, 2021

Yesterday the forecast for the Monterey Peninsula was for rain today and tomorrow. I decided I would head someplace with a brighter forecast - that appeared to be someplace in the Central Valley like Merced, Modesto, Fresno or Further afield, Bakersfield. I got up this morning and headed east. I got an hour away and had second thoughts. I had 30 minutes of debate with myself about why the rain bothers me, why I was driving someplace I really had no interest in visiting. (Not that everywhere is worth visiting once.). My indecision turned into frustration which turned into a U turn. I’m back in Monterey. It is raining. I checked into a hotel and plan to spend the afternoon exercising. At least I can something good for myself. Legs up the wall, planks, push-ups, bridges, back folds, yoga sits — that’s my afternoon.

Some photos from my roundtrip this morning.

I guess someplace needs to be:

It is rather startling how much agricultural is done in California.

These trees caught my eye.

Sand City borders the town of Seaside How appropriate.

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