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February 10, 2021

Palm Springs, California

February 11, 2021

Not as much driving today. Mecca Beach to Coachella to Joshua Tree National Park to Palm Springs -- then to CVS for a Covid test. I thought someone beside me would insert the swab -- this was all on me!

Joshua Tree is spectacular in that rugged, rocky California way. Hiked the Mastodon Trail which provided a decent workout -- added on the 0.2 mile roundtrip hike to the top of a rock formation. The old me probably wouldn't have done it (heights); the current me paused and said "what the hell."

Around North Shore on the Salton Sea.

It's not much to brag about but I enjoy that I have found that you can get some pretty fun photos using the shadow of your subject to block the sun. 🤪

Kind of had to stop here, right? The music event.

Roughly an hour later I arrived at Joshua Tree.

One of the highlights of my time here was that I spoke with a fellow hiker. Turns out he is from Paris, France; he wasn't quite sure what to make of my tale of going to all the Paris' in the United States. After three years in the States he is about to return to France. Before he does he is driving around the US. His next two stops were the Grand Canyon and Paris, Texas. He too was sleeping in his vehicle.

This sign reminded me of the children's book, Buford The Little Bighorn. Did not see one.

Gas in California is expensive! I read an article that most of the $1.00+ difference with the rest of the country is attributable to state taxes.

It would be an interesting case study of the economic situation of the Golden State. So much of it looks new -- which I guess it is relative to the East Coast. But there seems to be an economic crisis brewing (boiling?) in the state. In any case, it sure feels nice to experience temperatures in the 70s/80s in February!

I believe this is San Jacinto Peak coming in at just over 10,800 feet. It is really impressive given the area around it is basically at sea level.


It is a bit hard to read but there is a red bumper stick on this car. It says that if it turns blue you are driving too fast. A physics joke about the Doppler Effect. 🤪

Staying in a Courtyard by Marriott in Palm Springs. Still getting adjusting to sleeping in the truck. Plus I need a shower and a shave.

Successfully took my Covid test at a CVS drive through. The gal who walked me through the process was rather upbeat given as she said that is all she does everyday. I slipped her a $20 bill out of appreciation for her being on the front line. It made me feel good that she was very touched. I didn't do it for me. I really admire all these folks who have been on the front line of the was for so long. Coach Harris did a wonderful thing in Charlottesville when he suggested to a friend at UVa that they put up banners saluting our heroes on the front line. UVa followed though.

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