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February 2, 2024 — Hidden Hills To Somewhere in Arizona

Love's Travel Stop

I40, Exit 9 in Arizona

February 3, 2024

Quite a drive yesterday. Amazing scenery. From the lushness of Hidden Hills through the jagged mountains to the desert. Visited Zzyzx, California along I15, the path to Las Vegas. Before that was Victorville, a surprisingly new looking city that is very different than the sad looking little desert towns around it. After Zzyzx was Baker which appears only to exist to cater to the I15 traffic; the small place has seen better days. From there I headed into the Mojave Desert Preserve which was awesome -- beautiful scenery, lonely two lane road and the vastness of the desert. Had to make a decision when I got to I40 as to whether to continue on the two lane road or jump on the interstate; as it was nearly 430 pm and as tempted as I was I was not going to sleep in the desert ("with a billion stars all around") so I jumped on the interstate and got to Exit 9 in Arizona (time change!)

Where I could I jumped onto old US 66. Very fun.

I must have taken 200 photos -- here are a few:

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Feb 03

awesome photos. a Love's truck stop was constructed near the airport in Hagerstown Maryland. i was always impressed how clean it seemed and well stocked. much different than others i had come across. you seem to be able to find them everywhere.

Feb 03
Replying to

Thanks, great friend.

Love’s has an app that has a map of all of its locations. There’s even an app of all Walmart stores; it shows whether the stores allow overnight parking or not.

Berkshire Hathaway owns Pilot Travel Centers. Loves is private I believe which is pretty crazy given how many truck stops it has. I’d rate Love’s as an A and Pilot as a B-. Love’s is almost always friendly. clean and inviting; Pilot is not usually any of those.

I figure staying at Love’s or Walmart saves me an average of $125 per night. For me, that can be real money over the course of a month!

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