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February 22, 2023 Morning


February 22, 2023

Fourth day on the road, and I have lots of feelings/thoughts.

  1. I am behind on my blog posts already -- too much to see!

  2. I'm not usually on a schedule but I need to make sure I am back in Cville on March 8. (I realize to many, the idea of having 15 days to get back to Cville from Tucson sounds like plenty of time but I've gotten used to leisurely drives and many audibles.)

  3. Tucson is a bit of a shock -- I guess I have gotten used to rural areas. I'm at a Starbucks currently (for the WIFI) -- I can see a Michael's, Supercuts, Batteries+, McDonalds, Chipotle, Chick-Fil-A, In-N-Out, Jersey Mike's, Aspen Dental, Ross, AT&T phone store, Taco Bell and Olive Garden. Wow!

  4. Hanging around today to catch up and to go to the Tucson Fox Theater tonight -- not so much for the show (a foreign film) but to take photos.

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