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February 23, 2023 Morning -- Storm Warning!

Love's Truck Stop

Benson, Arizona

February 23, 2023

Quick update.

I spent most of yesterday in Tucson at a Starbucks updating my blog. Around 530 pm, I headed over to the Tucson Fox Theater. I bought a $6 for the movie they were showing with no intention of staying for the show -- I just wanted to walk around the inside. Glad I did. Not as nice as either the Byrd Theater in Richmond or the Paramount in Charlottesville but still a very fun throwback to a different era.

Afterwards, I jumped on I10 and drove an hour to Benson, Arizona where I spent the night at a Love's Truck Stop.

I'm glad I did not head to Winslow as I40 up there is closed due to a winter storm. Trucks from up there are being rerouted down here to I10 -- which explains why this Love's is overrun with trucks. Actually there are two Love's here across the street from each other. First time I have seen that.

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