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February 24, 2023 -- Las Cruces, New Mexico To Van Horn, Texas

Gordon Avenue Library


March 21, 2023

I've circled some towns that i have been to previously -- Hatch has peppers, Deming is a small town in decline but survives because of I10. White Sands is on the way to White Sands National Park and the Trinity Site where the first nuclear bomb was tested. Anthony -- Thomas Anthony Priscilla and Sunrise -- not sure I went there but what a great name.

El Paso was a much bigger city than I expected -- lots of sprawl. You can see Mexico from the interstate -- it looks poor.

Fascinates me how close I10 is to the Mexican border in West Texas. Like all interstates the traffic is going way too fast and while the topography is different, I felt as though I could be anywhere on any interstate. I was glad to get to Van Horn and jump off on US 90.

Most of the photos below are from Van Horn.

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