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February 3, 2024 -- A Wanderabout To Nothing

Seligman, Arizona

February 4, 2024

Yesterday I may have called too many audibles. I started off by seeing a sign for the London Bridge 19 miles away in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Not everyday you can see the second most popular tourist destination in Arizona! The bridge is in one of those places you see out here that shouldn't be there but for the damming of the Colorado River. The town was founded in the 1960s if I recall correctly and now has nearly 60,000 residents. I saw a lot of old people on their morning walk and lots of off road vehicles and trucks with American flags -- protesting immigration?

As I checked my map for my route from Lake Havasu City, I saw a town named Planet. My curiousity got the best of me. I headdd down Arizona 95 which parallels the Colorado River. Rugged hilly and desert terrain punctuated with many RV resorts. I must have seen thousands of RVs. Once I got to Parker, Arizona I turned onto Shea Road which led me out into the desert. There I saw even more RVs, these mostly associated with ORVs (also known as OHVs). Some folks play pickleball, some golf, some drive their off road vehicles in the desert.

At the end of a 30 mile drive down a primitive road I came to what remains on Planet -- which is not much more than a couple of pumps, some pipe and a electricity substation.

In this case, Google Maps was wrong. It showed that I had a direct route (albeit through the desert) to Nothing, Arizona. I could not find that route but again my curiousity took over and I drove south, east and north for three plus hours to get to Nothing. I won't say I was disappointed because my emotions were likely influenced by my sore body and weariness. After Nothing, and I am sure there are some good jokes I could insert here, I headed north to I40 to find a place to spend the night. I ended up in Seligman, Arizona which declares it is the birthplace of US 66. The little strip of a town is dedicated to US 66. I realize I screwed up and instead of taking I40 here I could have taken Arizona 66. Add it to the pile of regrets I have from not planning.

Today I have to be more dedicated to moving eastward. That is unless I see places called Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Something, Somewhere, Anything, etc. You get the point I hope!

A sample of my photos. They are not in chronological order -- I am too lazy this morning

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