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February 4, 2024 — Seligman To Gallup


Gallup, New Mexico

February 5, 2024

The highlight of today was visiting Winslow, Arizona and basking in the memories raised at the Corner. "Take It Easy" has grown in meaning to me over the years and I enjoyed letting my mind wander as I siliently (thankfully) sang the lyrics to myself. I guess in a nod to getting old I dwelled on Glenn Frey's lyrics that he contributed "It's a girl my Litd in a flatbed Ford slowly down to take a look at me." No one slows down these days. ☹️

Arizona has done a nice job preserving Route 66. I started the day thinking I could drive west on it to Kingman. But that would have meant adding 150 miles to my drive and I hate to admit it but I'm on a schedule to get back to Charlottesville. The Terminator -- "I'll be back." (I did drive about 10 miles toward Kingman -- spectacular landscape. It must have been quite a thrill back in the day to drive from Chicago to LA on US 66.

I drove mostly I40 yesterday. The drive from Flagstaff to Gallup in hard to beat for the rugged,ad vast landscape. The elevation is between 5,000 and 6,000 feet and during most of the drive you can see forever all around. As far as interstates go, this one in this part is worth the experience.

My goal was to get to Albuquerque but I fell short by 150 miles. By the time I got to Gallup at 530 pm I was tired and the sun was going down. I don't like driving at night because I can't see the landscape I'm driving through. And out here, the landscape is awesome.

One of these days I'll spend a night in the Holbrook Wigwam!

Argh. It's a bit frustrating writing posts on my phone. It is impossible it seems to upload many photos and they don't appear in chronological order.

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