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February 6, 2024 — Clovis To Earth To Happy To Lubbock

Fairfield Inn ($92)

Lubbock, Texas

February 7, 2024

Not a big fan of these old Fairfield Inns. They feel small and cramped.

A full day of traveling yesterday although the map would say not. Spent a lot of time taking photos in both Earth and Happy. In Earth a couple of people offered to share photos with me which was extremely nice. In Happy, the mayor came out of city hall to give me a bumper sticker; he had done the same thing several years ago when I was last there. "Happy, Texas -- the town without a frown."

The Texas panhandle is so flat. Almost no trees. Windy. And parched. The economy seems to depend on agricultural -- in the past it was crops and now cattle. The evolution was required as the Ogallala Aquifier has been depleted. I spoke with a banker who said they might average 17 inches of rain each year but several years recently they have received none. The cattle are destroying the grass; lots of places were just bare dirt. I realized as I drove through the area that there is dust everywhere. Combined with the ever present wind and everything looks worn and dirty.

I'd been to Earth and Happy before. Since the first time, I realize I have gotten more thorough in taking photos and exploring a town. Feels good to think I have grown.

Lubbock was an audible. Had not been here before -- and probably won't again. Being here puts me five hours from Venus which appears to be a southern suburb of the Big D. (If you are keeping track, since leaving LA I have been to Planet, Earth and today Venus. Last year I was in Mars and I've been to Jupiter.)

Lots of good photos to share from Earth and Happy. I will do that later after I have had time to sort through them. I want to do them justice. I'm pretty tired. This push to get back to Charlottesville puts a bit of stress on me that I'm not used to. Not much new to see after Venus. Wish I could head to the beach for a day!

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